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Cabinet Sheets,Fomic Sheets

  • It can be cut into different shapes with scissor according to the size you
  • This item is a multipurpose mat which is manufactured perfectly for drawer, cabinet, cupboard, shelf, etc.

  • Made of top-class material, it is durable, waterproof, and non-slip. Easy to wipe and clean with wet cloth.

  • It is designed ideally to keep furniture from dust and scratches.

  • Suitable for any place like kitchen, living room, bedroom,  Size: 45cm x 150cm/roll

  • Waterproof, and non-slip. Protect furniture from wear and tear, beautiful and practical.

  • Easy to use and clean.- Each mat has polka dots textured designs for anti-slip performance.

  • Ideal for prevent furniture from dust, dirt and scratches. Can be cut into any size you need.- Great for kitchen cabinets, camping cabinets, drawers, floor mat, coaster, table and table mat, fridge cushion, etc. Product certification is complete, safe and reliable

  • availble in random designs